Thursday, November 20, 2014

Romanian Elections 2014

On November 16, Romanian voters came to the ballots and made a surprise decision: they voted for a newcomer on the political scene. Klaus Iohannis, mayor of Sibiu, used the slogans: "Law, not robbery. Facts, not talk. Romania: things well done."
His finger points to the facts: in 14 years he has transformed Sibiu into the most attractive city in Romania and has eradicated corruption from the city administration.

Iohannis won on the vote of the Romanian expats, an electoral group who are not happy with the situation at home. Many of them queued up in front of their polling stations who were kept at low numbers in an attempt to discourage them from voting.
Some stood in line all night, bringing their toothbrushes to symbolise their determination.

ballot   - Wahlurne, eradicate - auslöschen. expats - Personen im Ausland, electoral group - Wählergruppe, to queue - Schlange stehen, polling station - Wahllokal, determination - Entschlossenheit

Friday, October 17, 2014

How do flashcards work?

Flashcards–one of the oldest study methods around–is actually one of the most effective. And now, with the proliferation of mobile devices, you can take advantage of the same benefits of flashcards in a new digitized form. - See more here.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Future of Work


The scope of 3D printing... Could you imagine that it may reverse globalization? How are people going to earn a living if machines do all the work?

scope - Bandbreite, Möglichkeiten; imagine - sich vorstellen; to reverse - umkehren; to earn a living - den Lebensunterhalt verdienen; 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Three lovely Quotes

This one is easy to understand, no explanations needed. But I think it's hardest to remember:

Here is a small selection of how to make requests or suggestions. The questions are increasingly polite and formal. 

Now the last one is really hard. A pun is a play on words. It helps to read it out loud. Pop me a note in the comments, if you need help with this one:

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Phrasalstein - app to learn phrasal verbs

Never got those phrasal verbs down? (to get something down - auswendig lernen)

Never fear - the solution is here:
Android Download

I Tunes Download
Doctor Phrasalstein, with the help of his friends, will teach us 100 phrasal verbs using animations inspired by the classic “horror movie” genre, with a touch of humour and irony.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Misfits can be Models

"Take a good look around you.... Misfits are everywhere" (Ray Davies)

This is the slogan Del Keens uses to attracts models that have a flaw.
But his special appearance gives him a significant advantage over his flawless rivals.
'They all look the same. You can't see the difference between the models, they all look the same to me. You look at them and you instantly forget their faces. They're just like a blank canvas.'

flaw - Defekt | canvas - Leinwand | desired - erwünscht | requirement - Anforderung | confidence - Selbstvertrauen | be scared - Angst haben | feature - darstellen 

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